Behind The Print: Travis

Behind The Print: Travis

Here at Tiny Revival, we take pride in every print that our talented artist Emily Drew Mash creates. Our designs are inspired by the stories and special memories of our customers (you can enter yours here!) - just like Travis! So mamas don't miss out on this unique series where you can get a real glimpse into the story behind each wonderful print that begins as an idea of Lauren's and ends as a gorgeous piece of artwork. And stay tuned for more fun inspiration from Tiny Revival's awesome prints coming soon!

This creative print is a great combination of unique illustrations and sentimental touches! It all started with an idea to blend football US Patent's into one awe-inspiring design. Emily and Lauren worked together, also sourcing ideas from Emily’s husband old college playbook, in order to make each play and formation in our other football print, Grahamas accurate as possible. As a special tribute for the input that her hubby provided during their project, one of prints was named after him: Travis! 

Once the concept and patents were chosen, Emily began sketching out her vision for what would become known as “Travis.” She wanted to create something that felt fun and energetic while still being true to its football roots. It was important for her to capture the energy of the game while also keeping it simple with neutral tones.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the creative process behind “Travis” – from hours spent studying an old playbook to the countless sketches, revisions, and back-and-forth between artist, subject matter expert, and football fan. With a combination of mastery over material and heart by all involved, “Travis” stands as something special that celebrates both artistry and fellowship. Together, these bring us closer together no matter who we are or where we come from, making every moment that much richer for it. So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful garments with pride knowing all the effort put into bringing it to life! Go team!

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