I’m Lauren, owner and designer here at Tiny Revival Clothing Co. I have two beautiful children, Laureline (3) and Ender (2-1/2) and an amazing husband, Austin. This company goes far beyond selling clothes so if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time I’d like to share my passion behind it and why it means so much to me…

In 2011, God started me on a 10 year adventure that would eventually end in the birth of this company. I went to school for
fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles. However, being in the
fashion industry made me fall into a space where nothing mattered except what people thought of me and I started to really lose who Iwas and it became hard to even recognize myself. While finishing up at FIDM I came to a crossroad - I could either continue with fashion and feeling out of control and broken, or I could walk into the unknown path I felt God was setting before me. As hard of a choice walking away from the fashion industry way, I somehow knew in my gut it was right.

Step by step I started an unforgettable journey.

During a random lunch with a friend she started telling me about something I had never heard of before and couldn’t believe existed - Human Trafficking. When I heard about this it completely wrecked me. I had no idea that slavery was still a thing and that people were being bought and sold for labor and sex, and forced to do it, especially here in the United States! I walked away from that lunch with this burned into my mind: “now that I know, I’m responsible.”

I immediately started researching what I could do to make a difference. First I worked locally in Los Angeles helping local PD investigate potential trafficking situations and trained them on what signs to look for to find and prevent human trafficking.

Shortly after came an amazing opportunity that would lead me to spend the next 5 years working in India and Nepal helping others who were experiencing this issue first hand. It would be the children I met in India during my time there that would fuel my passion even further. I would no longer be working to fight trafficking just because I thought it was fundamentally evil, I would be working for their freedom every day.

My first day in India I met an 8 year old girl who had been rescued from prostitution. Her new orphanage was eventually raided and the children were back on the street with no where to go.

For weeks I picked up two children from a brothel floor to bathe, comfort and feed them, knowing when they left my side they would be going back to the dark place I picked them up from. Soon they both disappeared with no answers to where. These children and the things I saw while over seas changed the person I was. I struggle daily thinking about them, but I use their stories to fuel my desire to help them and children/ people like them every single day.

After I left India, I was invited to join and help start Purnaa, an amazing ethical garment manufacturing company that exists to employ those most marginalized in society and at risk or rescued out of trafficking. I spent the next 2 years living in Nepal working alongside these men and women and getting to put my design knowledge back to work! This is where I started to see how God wanted me to use my talent in the fashion industry, this is where

Tiny Revival was truly born. Suddenly, on a rooftop overlooking Kathmandu valley every crazy turn made sense. Tiny Revival exists to give you a way to impact the life of one person through your purchase. To give you an option to have a beautiful, high quality garment that you can be confident was made using materials that are safe for your kids and the environment, and sewn using ethical and fair means here in the USA. Most importantly Tiny Revival exists as a platform to help fight against human trafficking and raise awareness, because it will be together that we see the end of slavery!