Behind The Scenes

At Tiny Roots, we are committed to making the highest quality bamboo clothing. A lot goes into each collection of prints, and we are excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our process, start to finish.

Team Meeting

 Before starting work on a new collection, we have a team meeting to discuss our vision and goals for the upcoming styles.
intial team meeting

Hand-Painted Designs

Emily Drew Mash gets to work hand painting designs for the collections.
emily drew mash hand painting print design

New Pattern Designs & Styles

While Emily is working hard to bring our visions to life, Tiny Roots co-founder Lauren is busy drafting new pattern designs and styles for the upcoming collections.
lauren designs patterns by hand

Team Regroup

Once the patterns are drawn, and prints are painted, we meet again to finalize our collections.
tiny roots team meeting

Details Are Sent to Our Fair Trade Manufacturer

 We send our tech packs, which include our print designs and patterns, to our Fair Trade Certified™ manufacturers. Our fabric is knitted, then digitally printed, cut, and sewn. Once everything is sewn, it's sent to Tiny Roots!

fair trade certified factories

Get the word out

Once the details are finalized, our Social Media team gets to work marketing our upcoming collections!
ashley markets on social media

Customer Service & Packaging

Co-founder Lindsay handles all customer relations, operations, and product packaging.
lindsay packaging and customer relations

Facebook Live!

You didn't think we would let Ashley have all the fun, did you? When we're ready to debut the new collections, we go live on social media to share everything with you!
tiny roots social media live

Pop the Champagne!

We work hard to bring you the most unique high quality children's clothing, and that deserves celebration!
celebrating tiny roots launch