14 Valentines Day Ideas for your Little Ones!

14 Valentines Day Ideas for your Little Ones!

It’s that time of year, and LOVE is in the air! We are firm believers in spreading love and kindness when we can & Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for couples. So we came up with 14 lovely ideas for you to do with your tiny ones throughout the month of February!

    1. Make VDay Hot chocolate bombs - Check out our favorite recipe 
    2. DIY Decorate sugar cookies! Plain Sugar Cookie Dough from the store keeps it easy and less messy & Amazon has inexpensive cookie cutters! My daughter & son love picking out some fun sprinkles from Michaels or Hobby Lobby to add to theirs!
    3. Plant our Tags for flowers instead of buying them and let your kiddo's decorate the pots!
    4. Pink Breakfast! Want something simple and insta worthy the morning of? Add red or pink food dye to your eggs and milk! Bonus: Cook your eggs in the heart shaped cookie cutters you got for activity 2!
    5. Homemade cards that state 5 things you love about their personality/positive aspects! Teach your tiny ones to love everything about themselves by telling them what you love about them!
    6. Cozy up and watch a movie with some Valentines Chex Mix in their Tiny Revival pajamas!
    7. Mini Spa Night with your Mini Me! (Tissue Mask, Mani/Pedis, bath with candles)
    8. Sparkling Cider in fancy glasses! I don’t know about you but my kids love any drink 5x more if its in a pretty glass!
    9. Build your own sundaes with all the heart sprinkles
    10. Perform acts of kindness with them (let them lead/give ideas)
    11. Grab some Cheerios and make Home made heart shaped bird feeders!
    12. Footprint heart art to document their age! We all know they grow up too fast! Here's a low mess way we love!
    13. Create a “love” playlist and have a dance party
    14. Mommy/Daddy Dates! Dress up and go out to show your kiddos a fun time! Added Bonus: Let them dress you and pick where you go or what you do! 

Do any of these sound fun to you? If you try any of them let us know in our Facebook VIP how they turned out for a chance to be featured and win a coffee on us! 

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