Tiny Revival Spotlight: The Woman behind the Art

Tiny Revival Spotlight: The Woman behind the Art

Today is American Painter's Day, and we want to recognize the extraordinary talent of Emily Drew! Emily has been part of our journey from day one as our exclusive print artist. She hails from North Carolina where she loves being a wife and mother to her three little ones. We were lucky enough to chat with Emily recently - take a look at what she had to say!

"So Emily, how long have you been painting?" "Painting for me started at age 10 when I was taking private lessons from a sweet lady named Rose and it was something I instantly fell in love with.''


"Thats awesome! We're sure with all that time you've painted a lot of different things. What is your favorite thing to paint?" " My favorite thing to paint is any sort of nature theme; plants, animals, landscapes. Also anything my kids are interested in or their activities."


"Have you lived in North Carolina your whole life or are you a transplant like Lauren?" "I have lived in North Carolina my whole life, except for a semester I spent studying art in Paris, France." "That must've been wonderful!" "Oh it was"


"What is your favorite print that we've released so far?"Thats a toss up between Ender and Magnolia"


Emily lights up our world with her amazing creativity! She's channeled our ideas and combined them with her artistic expertise to make breathtakingly beautiful prints for 2023. We can barely contain our excitement over the amazing work Emily has created! We're so grateful for her effort and dedication, and we cannot wait to share it with you.


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